Update 1.04 in the works

Post date: Apr 10, 2009 2:59:41 AM

Expect SC Traffic, NC Traffic, AZ Traffic, and PA Traffic update to v1.04 within the next two weeks. New features will include:

    • New image overlay with camera location over the image. You can tap the screen to make it disappear.
    • Display of when the active cam image was last downloaded (user-request).
    • Show number of cameras in a given city.
    • Minor bugfixes for a better experience.

But, we're not stopping there!

We have big things planned for the next few months for ObjectCove Traffic apps, including:

    • "My Routes" - A handy feature to create and name your own groups of cameras, called "My Routes." For example, create a list containing cams from home to work and another from home to grandma's, etc. (user-request)
    • Multiple-states for areas where commuters likely cross state lines
    • View cameras geographically on a map (after iPhone OS 3.0 is released by Apple)
    • Traffic incident reports for areas whose Department of Transportation systems support it
    • And, of course, more states!

Be sure to check out our new Twitter feed for interactive support and updates! @octrafficapps