• All images are the property of the applicable department of transportation. ObjectCove, LLC is not affiliated with / endorsed by local DOT organizations, nor does it manage or otherwise access the cameras. You are free to view these same images via your local DOT website. We feel it is easier to navigate to them on an iPhone with our app.
    • Your local department of transportation may periodically rotate, zoom, or otherwise manipulate certain cameras. As such, from time to time images appear to have motion blur or may be pointed in different directions. The "eastbound / westbound" indicator in the image often simply denotes which side of the interstate the camera is installed, not necessarily its viewing direction.
    • For some apps, certain cameras are portable and are more often taken offline for maintenance than fixed cameras.
    • Every once in a while, the images stop updating to the local DOT website. We believe this may be due to some sort of system malfunction that requires human intervention by a DOT attendant or technician. Typically, image update outages are restored by the DOT within a few hours.
    • Different DOT camera systems support varying degrees of real-time images. Please refer to the notes specific to the app(s) you have purchased for details on image update frequency. Please understand however, to save your bandwidth and device power, OC Traffic apps do not auto-refresh while viewing images. You can refresh by tapping the refresh button.